June 19th-28th

Cost is $430

High School Mission trip is just right around the corner! This year we will be going to Rapid City, South Dakota. We will leave on June 19th

see several cities on our way up to the mission site. We will then work with the Indian Reservations on community service projects. We will also get to visit the historic Mt. Rushmore. Then we head back to Georgia with a couple of pit stops and arrive home on June 28th. 

 This exciting 10-day mission trip will have more details come out as we get closer to the Mission Trip. The total cost is $430, and we wanted to go ahead and start a payment plan if that’s something that will help you out. Just email Ben if you have any questions.

September- $45        October- $45

November- $45         December- $45

January- $45              February- $45 

March- $45                 April- $45

May- $45.                    June- $25

Deadline is June 5th remaining Balance