Ready to make a difference?

Maybe its time to take the next step in volunteering with Fusion Student Ministry. There is a ton of stuff to get invloved in. Below you find a list of oppertunities as well as other stuff to help guide you into the right place.

Is Student Ministry for Me?

Students do not connect to programs or events, they connect with people. The best way to change a student’s life is through relationship, especially a relationship with an adult who can meet them on their level. Below we’ve addressed some reservations people commonly have with student ministry volunteering.




  •  I’m Too Old- Our volunteers range from age 19-80+ (that’s right 80+) Age is mindset anyway!


  • I don’t know all the answers- You don’t have to have all the answers, actually its better if you don’t! Students are looking for authentic relationship and being able to say “I don’t know” shows them that you are just like them, trying to figure out Christ call for our lives.


  • I’m not a perfect Christian- Great! Neither are we!


  • I just don’t have the time- There are volunteer opportunities that require anywhere from a week to 15 minutes.


  • I just don’t have anything in common with students- We have a broad range of kids that are into all sorts of things, some of the things you are into! Plus you were a teenager once too!


  • I don’t know where to start- You are taking the first steps right now! 



Student Ministry is not the easiest ministry in the church and it’s normal and okay for you to feel inadequate about your skills. Your confidence will grow the more you’re around students and the more you see how God can use inadequate people (like us) to do great things. Here’s the truth about what students need…




  • Love Christ and show his love through their lives

  • Be interested in them

  • Pray for them

  • Be real

  • Go with the flow

  • Share Christ’s love through personal experience

  • Be consistent with attendance

  • Be patient

What Can I Do?

Look at the jobs list below to see where you think you'll fit best


Fundraising Coordinator

Upward Concessions Coordinator

Pumpkin Patch Coordinator



Volunteer Coordinator



MS Summer Camp Volunteer/Chaperone

Missions Volunteer

Radical Sabbatical Volunteer

Ski Trip Volunteer



Local Outreach Coordinator

Inward Volunteer


Sound Engineer

Video Specialist

A/V consultant


Sunday Night

Hospitality Coordinator

Small Group Leader

Summer Leader

Meals Coordinator



Confirmaiton Teacher

Higher Ground Teacher

Mid-week Bible Study Host

Acolyte Coordinator

I'm Ready, Now What?

Email Scott Sienkiewicz at  and we will get you a volunteer packet and get you serving!